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Everyone needs and deserves to be loved, to belong, to be treated with dignity and respect, to be self-directing, and to be recognized for their inherent value as a unique person no matter who they are. This is the purpose of V&T’s existence. We provide a caring and safe environment for intellectually disabled individuals wherein they can embrace their individuality and be a valuable part of the community.

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Our services are designed with your interest and choices in mind, as well as your health and safety needs. Have a look at the services we provide for you and your family.

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Medication Administration

Learn how we can help manage your medications.

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Personal Care and Hygiene

Let us assist you with your self-care tasks.

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Health Management

Get support to maintain and improve your health.

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Behavior Support Service

Know why it’s vital to receive specialized care.

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We Will Be More Than Happy to Serve You Mission Statement

To provide services to adult individuals with intellectual disabilities who are 21 and above that will allow them to become a viable part of the community.

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